Email Communication – it’s more than a two way street

As market researchers, our very livelihoods depend on effective communication.

Yet we often forgo the basic components required to be understood.  Being understood is critical to getting what we need.

Much of where/how we communicate with one another is via email – Uh-oh!!!  We’ve removed the major factor in effective communication – the visual, nonverbal stuff we’ve all been taught to pay attention to.  Estimates on the impact of nonverbal communication range from 60-97%.

Even before we type the first word of any email, there is already a high probability we will not be completely understood – What to do, what to do?

I’ve got an idea.  Why not use the same skills necessary for any effective communicator –

Prepare – take the time to develop the objective of the email until we understand what it is we really need.

Be clear, concise and thorough –  Don’t provide superfluous details and don’t assume the reader understands what we’re talking about. Give them all of the details necessary to be understood.

Expect the recipient to have questions and ask for clarification and respond accordingly.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that we get what we need to reach our objective.    It’s a good idea we keep that in mind with everything we do.

By the way, a picture is still worth 1,000 words.