For over 25 years,
we’ve built relationships AND

helped thousands of clients

by living our beliefs.


Honest communication guides our interaction and uncovers the best ideas.


To earn, build and keep trust of our clients, we hold ourselves and our partners accountable, focusing on quality and confidence, not just completes.


When we work together, you have our 100% focus and commitment, from start to finish.

“When we do the right thing, not only are we having the positive impact on those around us, but we’re free, too.”


is a creative problem solver with a gift for nurturing

professional relationships with authenticity.

Serving as President for Worldwide Market Research since 2013, she’s been actively involved with each client, helping them fulfill their unique business goals through a global network of trusted panel partners.

Prior experience across a range of industries that include retail, advertising, finance, telecom and automotive have armed Kim with a unique perspective and expanse of business knowledge that has proven invaluable in her current role, allowing her to understand the needs of her client’s specific industry.

A born leader, Kim sets the bar for everyone she works with, bringing out their best while putting them at ease. Kim was taught the value of integrity by her father at a young age and carries herself through life guided by this virtue. She brings a certain energy to every interaction with a mix of warmth, humor, curiosity and introspection.

When she’s not hard at work, you can find Kim volunteering, hosting a Texas barbecue, globetrotting or wrangling her two beloved dogs, Howard and Fred.