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The Importance of Fraud Mitigation for Effective B2B Market Research

With the continued growth of online surveys, the issue of response fraud in B2B market research grows ever greater. In fact, Technavio has projected that the growth of the global online survey market is expected to accelerate at about 9% annually between 2020 and 2024. With a wide range reported from 15% up to 50% of online survey respondents estimated to be fraudulent today, the growth of the industry could compound this problem if it is not appropriately addressed.

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Profile of a Market Research Strategist: Kim Bergman

This month, our blog features a new format. Angie Yarbrough, Principal and Co-founder of ad agency Stratistry interviewed the President of Worldwide Market Research, Kim Bergman. You’ll learn more about their discussion, Kim’s niche in the world of market research and how she ultimately defines success.

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Spring is a time of renewal for everyone
Tips & Tricks

Three ways the transformative power of faith brings meaning to my work

The true power of faith has become more and more obvious to me over the course of my life and my career. That’s because my faith is a big part of my identity and has a tremendous impact on how I interact with my coworkers, partners and clients. While spring is a time of renewal for everyone, for me, the recent celebration of Easter serves as an important reminder to continue to bring the hope and love of Christ to my job and the work I do at Worldwide Market Research.

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Wolf in sheep's clothing
Tips & Tricks

Bogus respondents, bots and bad data: how to work with market research panel providers to avoid potential pitfalls

The importance of accurate surveys from market research panels can’t be overstated. Critical business decisions are made based on the data gleaned from online surveys, and if that data isn’t high quality, the decisions won’t be, either.

According to a recent article in Quirk’s, almost half of respondents in a typical online study using market research panels were found to be bogus. That’s right. With a simple 10-minute, easy-to-complete questionnaire, they deemed 46% of their responses unacceptable.

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May I Have Your Attention Please?
Tips & Tricks

“May I have your attention, please?” Time management skills to help you stay focused in the days of WFH

As I sit down to focus on this blog, there are distractions everywhere. There are at least 25 unread emails in my inbox. Three un-listened-to voicemails. The dogs want to go out. Even my stomach is grumbling, starving for attention. There is literally no better time to talk about time management skills.

So, how can I stay focused and effective at running impeccable research projects despite all these challenges and daily distractions? Here, I share three tactics that I’ve found to work for me (and may work for you and your projects, too).

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Punishment or Personal Responsibility?

I recently watched a documentary “(Dis) Honesty: The Truth About Lies” and realized we as market researchers, can increase the honest and accurate responses from our participants. The film

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Get What You Need

Sometimes we get client requests that just are not possible.  Because our panels are located within the country of origin, we have knowledge of the

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