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“May I have your attention, please?” Time management skills to help you stay focused in the days of WFH

As I sit down to focus on this blog, there are distractions everywhere. There are at least 25 unread emails in my inbox. Three un-listened-to voicemails. The dogs want to go out. Even my stomach is grumbling, starving for attention. There is literally no better time to talk about time management skills.

So, how can I stay focused and effective at running impeccable research projects despite all these challenges and daily distractions? Here, I share three tactics that I’ve found to work for me (and may work for you and your projects, too).

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Punishment or Personal Responsibility?

I recently watched a documentary “(Dis) Honesty: The Truth About Lies” and realized we as market researchers, can increase the honest and accurate responses from our participants. The film

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Get What You Need

Sometimes we get client requests that just are not possible.  Because our panels are located within the country of origin, we have knowledge of the

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Pay attention

As we’re aware, the volume of things to attract our attention is ever increasing. This is true for almost everybody on the globe. We’ve created

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