Sometimes we get client requests that just are not possible.  Because our panels are located within the country of origin, we have knowledge of the subtle differences in customs, ideas and social behavior. Here are some real examples:
  • Asking women in Saudi Arabia about their driving habits –  it’s illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia.
  • Asking about Google, Facebook, and Twitter in China – China has banned Twitter, Facebook and severely limited Google.
  • Targeting job titles used in the United States are not the same in other countries.  Using job descriptions and job responsibilities as a targeting criteria provides more accurate results.
  • Don’t ask a man in Mexico household income, it’s rude in Mexico.
  • 95% of Australian companies have no more than 20 employees.
With this information our clients were able to make changes to their questionnaires before getting into field which saved them money and helped them get the results they needed.      

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