Reasons for Market Research in Ghana (Republic of Ghana)

If you’re looking for viable opportunities to conduct market research where few have ventured, consider Ghana.

Large Population:

  • Ghana has the a population of approximately 27 million and growing, the 48th world’s largest country population.

Growing Per Capita Income –

  • Per capita income has increased year over year for more than 15 years.  From 2006-2014 GDP per capita has increased 33% and growing.  
  • The economy of Ghana has over a period of more than two decades consistently witnessed a positive growth rate. This back-to-back growth registered from 1986 culminated in the attainment of lower middle-income status in the year 2010.
  • Ghana’s has one of the highest GDP per capita in West Africa.

Natural Resources – 

  • The country has a diverse and rich resource base with gold, timber, cocoa, diamond, bauxite, and manganese being the most important source of foreign trade. In 2007, an oilfield which may contain up to 3 billion barrels of light oil was discovered.

Government Favorable to Personal and Corporate Growth:

  • The Government of Ghana recognizes that attracting foreign direct investment requires an enabling legal environment.
  • No overall economic or industrial strategy that discriminates against foreign-owned businesses.  In some cases a foreign investment may enjoy additional incentives if the project is deemed critical to the country’s development.

Focus on Education:

  • 89% of Ghanaian’s are literate.  The Ghanian educational system is instructed exclusively in English.
  • Approximately 42% of Ghanian’s currently participate in Secondary Education.  The Government of Ghana continues to emphasize and subsidize education.

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